Tuesday, July 25, 2017


It is a wonder
Wonder by itself

We try catching it
Like the way a kid tries catching the sun

The more we go closer
More farther it goes

Kid feels the sun is near
And sun is a small toy to play with
But it is when the kid run towards the sun
He realizes how far away the sun is

May be that is how life is
When we try catching it
It just goes farther away

But one thing remains
It is the breath we take
Till we take!
May be that is life!

And we need to open our eyes, ears and senses
To see what is going around!
For there is something to see
Till we take our last breath!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


It’s about a pain, I carry
The pain of not writing
I tried escaping
But it doesn't leave me!

I need to write
For existence
For thy self
For the source who gives me air to breath

I can foresee the long path
All I see is the light
Light which consumes me
While paving my path

I endure the pain
Pain of sleeplessness

Words are not mine
Sound is not mine neither is light
But I need to write
Write to sleep!

If you know the pain
The pain I carry

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