Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Her Mom

It is the event of a lifetime they say, ‘the marriage’
And she got married
Her mom feels lonely now
It is just nature’s way of telling us
That we don’t ‘own’ anything

She came from her womb
She grew up in front of her
She gave her a meaning to life
She said, ‘I love you‘ when she was a kid

She fought, argued and even told ‘I hate you’ when she grew up
Now, she walked away with another guy
But it's her mom who always pardons & endures the pain
For she can’t share it with anyone but burry it within herself

Let us not forget she is a ‘human’
A human life on earth who needs a moment
A moment which gives her breath to feel ‘alive’
Offering light and energy for tomorrow
To many around her 
And all she need is to look at mirror everyday
To see & realize how beautiful & brave, she is!

PS: I dedicate this to her mom!

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