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and thus he picked up
the light.. photon.. wave..;
the darkness left behind;
rays of light on the way;
paving the path
About Me (According to me)
I am a researcher and I do experiment on my own life. I am my own test specimen - guniea pig :) .

I lend myself to walk through ways which have been told to me as 'No Entry'. I got gifted with enough burns, scars, accidents in return for those travels. - As they say, 'Truth is always stranger than fiction' and so is my life till date.

Still, I firmly believe that those trips to no where was necessary for the 'becoming' - the becoming of my current being.

Life, Mind, Love, Thoughts, Existence, Experience, Experiments, Learning, Moments, Reality, Truth, Light, Vision, Passion etc can be some keywords of my life.  I am yet to categorize / label /sequence any of these though.

I am a nomad who wishes to go around the world (lucky enough to cover couple of countries) and settle no where.  Settling in one place is like arresting myself from continuing my experiments of life.

I started my life searching for answers and later realised the search for answers gave me a longer list of questions. Now, for each answer I search, I get more questions :)

In my book I have written very few names, the names which can never be erased. Some names got retired from the active list in due course of time, some went rusty; still I treasure all of them.

Due to my research nature, the ones who came close to me got affected. It was never my intention to hurt / offend/ harm anyone. As you know, in life we get into turns which we never expect and we end up where there is no return.

All I can say to each one of them is 'pardon me', 'sorry', 'I never meant', etc - what else can I do now? Past is past and I cant change it now.

I feel whatever happened is meant to happen and so it happened. May be, I could have avoided so called 'mistakes' in life which affected / hurt others. However, I did what I felt as right for me at that moment.

My emotions control me and I consider myself as an 'Emotional Idiot'. May be there would be a day when I will exit that state of existence.

In short, I am always passionate about trying new things on myself as a pure researcher waiting for new results to come in - which will bring in 'awareness' & 'learning' which in turn will 'change' me and my 'perspectives' about life :)

The journey still continues towards the destiny..

About me (According to friends)
Bharat? - An Eccentric, Psychic, Crazy, Restless person - well they are being kind to me, I might be much worse :)

I love photography trips, long drives, traveling, watching movies, reading, writing.

Am a big movie buff having a personal collection of at least thousands & thousands of movies - Terra bytes of data :-).

I wish to be a writer & a photographer!

I dream about becoming a free bird.- Free from work, free from responsibilities, free from everything. - The day when I have a bag full of money and world to explore :)

Dont ask me when, well, it will happen I am sure (I am optimistic you know?)  :-)

I started my career life at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) doing Biomedical Research on Breast Cancer detection.

For last couple of years working with Wipro.

I got lucky - some of my international/national - journal /conference publications.
  1. R. S. Bharat Chandran, “A multivariable system based approach for process improvement in Bid Management”, Lex et Scientia No. XV - 2008, Jan 2008 (Interdisciplinary International journal)- Also published in the International Online Conference on Business and Management (IOCBM 2007)
  2. R. S. Bharat Chandran, "Analysis of Innovation Performance in product and service based companies: A Comparative Study", Saratov Fall Meeting (SFM'07), Russia, September 2007
  3. "Ultrasound Assisted Optical Elastography: A Novel Technique for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer", 1st International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2008)
  4. Detection of optical and mechanical property inhomogeneities in tissue mimicking phantoms using an ultrasound assisted optical probe”,  Journal of Biomedical Optics Vol. 13, 064025 (2008).
  5. “Remote palpation with a focused ultrasound beam: An optical read out using a multi-wavelength scheme for separating the contributions from amplitude of vibration and absorption coefficient”, Saratov Fall Meeting 2007, Russia.
  6. Measurement of visco-elastic properties of breast-tissue mimicking materials using diffusing wave spectroscopy”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, May/June 2007, Volume 12, Issue 3, 034035. Also published in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research. (June 2007)
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  8. Ultrasound Assisted Optical Elastography for measurement of tissue stiffness- contribution to the measurement from scattering coefficient variation”, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6535, 2006.
  9. Elasticity mapping of tissue mimicking phantoms by remote palpation with a focused ultrasound beam and intensity autocorrelation measurements, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6535, 2006.
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  11. “Application of diffusing wave spectroscopy to measure the visco-elastic property of breast-tissue mimicking materials” Proceedings of International conference on Optics and Optoelectronics, 12-15 Dec.2005, IRDE, Dehradun, INDIA .

Want to know more?
Just google me  Ah, dont get confused, there is a movie released in my name (with an added 'h' in the end of first name) too :) Bharath Chandran IPS

bharatchandran@gmail.com - Drop me a mail if in case you know something more about me which needs to be added :-) or just in case you feel like getting in touch with me

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